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[Advantages of pure hand-forged solid square iron gate iron railing iron fence]
 1. All use of national standard low carbon steel, low carbon content, high density, solid square steel is heated with coal at high temperature, heated by air hammer forging, and then bent with a bending machine, the shape is ever-changing, and the plasticity is strong. First choice for whole house customization.
 2. The use of low-carbon steel, particularly strong corrosion resistance, outdoor iron products as a whole need to be placed in the 400-degree high-temperature galvanizing bath to invade, so that a thick layer of zinc attached to the surface anywhere, the role of galvanized layer It does not chemically react with the outside air and moisture, and does not rust. The theoretical data can be 50 years without rust. Like outdoor high-voltage electrical towers, in order to prevent rust, hot-dip galvanizing is generally used. There is no need to worry about rust when using it by the sea.
 3. Use high temperature putty to fill the gap, even if the temperature is 50 degrees or -40 degrees below zero, the product will not crack.
 5. The surface of low-carbon steel is smooth after galvanizing, and the surface of epoxy zinc-rich primer can provide double-layer anti-rust protection effect.
 6. High-grade wrought iron gates, wrought iron railings, and wrought iron fences generally use steam-grade fluorocarbon paint with a fluorine content of 30%. This fluorocarbon paint does not bubble in the salt water with a salt content of 30% for a week. Experimental verification shows that the general fluorocarbon paints on the market are foamed after they are taken out of the salt water, and they are easily peeled off with the click of a nail.
 7. All iron art profile door frames use large-scale cutting equipment to ensure accurate 45-degree angle cutting, non-standard arches are all laser cut, and the finished products are standardized and professional.
 9. Our wrought iron gates and wrought iron fences are exported to the United States, and all of them are packed in wooden boxes with steel frames to ensure the safety and insurance of product transportation.
 10. Wrought iron gate iron wrought iron fences are transported in export wooden boxes at home and abroad. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas can be installed onsite, and promised after-sales warranty services.
Custom Steel Windows and Doors Manufacturers - Australia Fence Gate Australia

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