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The advantages, characteristics and price of aluminum art gate aluminum art fence aluminum art fence produced by Shanghai Henchuang 
[Advantages of aluminum gate, aluminum balustrades, aluminum fence]
 1. Due to the characteristics of aluminum, the outdoor rust resistance is particularly strong, and it will not rust for at least one hundred years.
 2. It is extremely corrosive, so you don't need to worry about rust when using it by the sea.
 3. The overall use of aluminum die-casting model, particularly strong plasticity, beautiful appearance.
 4. The use of high-strength T6063 industrial aluminum material, high strength and good safety.
 5. The appearance of aluminum is smooth, and it is not easy to be dirty, easy to clean and maintain after spraying and baking paint at high temperature.
 6. Select aluminum bars that are easy to forge and make pattern bending.
 7. The whole is manually polished and anti-rust treated, and the welding point is not visible.
 8. All aluminum profile door frames use large-scale cutting equipment to ensure accurate 45-degree angle cutting, and the standardized and professional products are strong.
 9. Exported to the United States, Australia uses steel-framed wooden boxes to ensure the safety and insurance of product transportation.
 10. The domestic and foreign transportation is packed in export wooden boxes. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions can be installed onsite, and promised after-sales warranty services.
Custom Steel Windows and Doors Manufacturers - Australia Fence Gate Australia

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